Veterans of the sport will tell you that daily training is simply a part of their DNA. Everything done over the course of the day revolves around prepping for and recovering from training. Not hitting the gym has never even entered into their thought process and according to many, time off is time wasted. However, after tens of thousands of grueling repetitions have been completed, after every exercise has been utilized and drained of its effectiveness and once the aches and pains start replacing the adulation of the pump, an overwhelming sadness settles in with these iron veterans. The zest for training slowly fades away. Going through the motions at the gym becomes all too familiar, and progress becomes a thing of the past.

If you have found yourself in this place of dark dismay, fear not because there is a way out. The following strategies will light your way back to the enjoyment you experienced the first time you got under that bar.

Go Against the Grain

Bodybuilders are infinite creatures of habit and are bad for performing ritual-like workouts over and over again. Sure there is always the goal of lifting heavier and heavier weights within these same workouts, but nonetheless, change is a rare occurrence. This resistance against change has led many to that dark dismay which is why you need to invite change into your life.

You might have to go against everything you’ve known, everything you thought you stood for on training, and even against conventional weight room wisdom.

Start looking for exercises that you have never done before or would have never been caught dead performing in the past and give them a try. Ask to join in with someone who’s doing something so unfamiliar to you that you’re not even sure what you’re doing or what will happen as a result.

Let go of the need to be in total control and open up your mind to the endless possibilities that exist in regards to resistance training. Be creative, be imaginative, and above all else just have some fun with your training.

Set a Date

I recently had a conversation with a very prominent and well-known amateur bodybuilder who had lost his way in the world of training. He became too busy building a family and a business and just left the lifestyle altogether. His physique had taken on an appearance unlike what I had become accustomed to seeing and while things in his life were going extremely well, I could tell something was missing. Training was his first love and being away from it was tearing him up. After a few more conversations, some soul-searching on his behalf, and a carefully mapped out plan of action, a date was set, a goal created, and a timeline put in place.

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Having something to train towards sparked new motivation and love for training again and he went full tilt with his efforts for a full year. This revitalized effort resulted in tremendous success and a new career as a professional bodybuilder and a rejuvenation for the love of training.

The moral of this story is sometimes all it takes is for you to be exact with your goals, create specific timelines that will test your capabilities and dedication, and then prove to yourself that you still have what it takes to be your best for at least one day.

Go Shopping

I know some of you out there are scratching their heads right now wondering what I’m getting at here, but in all seriousness, sometimes new stuff can bring about new motivation. Go and buy yourself some new training gear such as a belt, wrist wraps, a pair of new shoes, or even a few pieces of gym equipment accessories like handles, straps, or barbells. Or go and buy yourself some new workout clothes like a new hoodie or tank top. You know the old saying, when you look good you feel good.

Stoke You Motivation

From time to time we all get stuck in a rut. The key is finding your way out of it as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Your love of training will always be there even if it’s not presenting itself on the surface. It’s up to you to revisit what brought you to the iron in the first place and or find new and exciting reasons to continue on your bodybuilding path. Whatever way you go about it, all that matters is that you stick with this lifestyle you’ve chosen and work to keep your passion for training alive and well.

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