There’s not a doubt in my mind that Max-OT Cardio is the most effective cardio training based on the research and my personal experience. Max-OT Cardio gets me shredded during my contest preparation, and it continues to play an important role in my off-season training too. For getting lean and staying lean – nothing beats Max-OT Cardio.

It’s true that my primary goal during the off-season is building maximum muscle, so why do cardio you may ask? One big reason is during my quest to pack on mass I also want to keep body fat levels in check, and that’s where Max-OT Cardio fits into the equation.

I hear some people say they steer clear of cardio in the off-season because they don’t want to disrupt the muscle-building process in any way but with Max-OT Cardio that doesn’t need to be a concern. The short duration and intense nature of Max-OT Cardio does not have any negative impact on the muscle-building process. In fact, after Max-OT Cardio, you create a period of increased nutrient uptake potential similar to after intense weight training which makes it anabolic in that sense. Max-OT Cardio will help you increase muscle!

Cardio remains a part of my schedule all year and is a training variable I adjust depending on my specific goals at any point and time. In the off-season, I obviously don’t do as many sessions as I do during pre-contest when fat burning is a high priority.

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Currently, I perform a 16-minute Max-OT Cardio session Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each of these high-intensity sessions gives my metabolism a healthy jolt and keeps it elevated for several hours after exercise having a very positive effect on maintaining good off-season condition.

As I stated earlier, Max-OT Cardio creates another opportunity for increased nutrient uptake, so I follow each session with VP2 Whey Isolate, Micronized Creatine, and GL3 L-Glutamine to flood my muscles with exactly what they need precisely when they need it, fostering the muscle-building process.

I don’t do Max-OT Cardio on the weekends, but I stay active doing things I enjoy. I think time away from the gym is important and doing something enjoyable away from the normal setting on the weekends is a healthy and beneficial way to spend your time. I usually go for a 45 – 60-minute walk Saturday and Sunday.

Aside from keeping body fat levels in check, Max-OT Cardio also provides important cardiovascular health and endurance benefits, and that’s another reason I feel Max-OT Cardio should remain a part of your plan year ‘round.

As you are working your tail off to pack on as much muscle as you can, don’t forget the important role Max-OT Cardio plays in the off-season too.

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Off Season Max-OT Cardio

by Jeff Willet time to read: 2 min