Train Only 1 or 2 Muscle Groups per Workout Each Day

Max-OT training involves maximum muscle fiber stimulation and overload in a minimum amount of time. To accomplish this, adjustments must be made to achieve these objectives within the desired “optimal-time” parameter.

Training one major muscle group per workout is paramount to the Max-OT principles as it optimizes key physiological and psychological high-points designed to extract the greatest effect from your training. Every time you train the Max-OT way, you leave the gym fully confident that you performed a workout that will result in muscle growth.

The Max-OT “one body-part per day” principle takes advantage of the “duration of maximum intensity” that occurs both physically and mentally when you train. By pre-establishing in your mind that you will only be training 1 muscle group you can generate much greater mental focus and intensity. This psychological “edge” directly and favorably impacts physical intensity output. Bottom line, you train each muscle group much harder, achieve greater muscle fiber contraction, greater overload, and spark more muscle growth by establishing 100% physical intensity and 100% mental focus.


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