Friends – Trainers – Magazines – Forums

Where do most people learn about “how to workout”? Chances are you learned from one or all of these four sources – friends, a trainer at a gym, or, God forbid, out of the bodybuilding magazines. You’re not any different from anyone else. That’s just how it is.

You see, working out is not an organized sport with coaches and assistant coaches and organized practices and training drills. It doesn’t work like that. You have to learn it on your own, and the resources available to learn from are pretty slim, and just about all are wrong (well maybe not wrong, but certainly not right). In fact, the “experts” that write the learning material were educated the same way you were, they were just articulate enough (this can be argued) to write about it in an organized format.

Sad to say, chances are you have been taught and are training wrong. And if not “wrong” certainly not the best way to maximize muscle growth. Max-OT will change this.

The most difficult part about Max-OT is ridding yourself of all the bad training knowledge that you have learned over the years.

You have to not only re-educate yourself but forget all the “bad” methods and approaches that you have done for so long. If you’re new to working out, then you are lucky. You will be learning the best training method right from the start. You will be fortunate enough not to have to break all the “bad” training habits.


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