By now you should have a good understanding of the basics of Max-OT training. You now have the knowledge and tools to get started and headed in the right direction. Like I’ve said before, the exercises are not new, but the application, mechanics, and theory behind Max-OT are original and exciting and more importantly – result producing.

The Surface Has Just Been Scratched

In the coming weeks I will reveal many new approaches to building muscle that most people have never thought of – at least not long enough to make an impression. I am going to list the most effective movements for each muscle group and why they are so. I will discuss exercises that you should avoid and why you should avoid them. I will reveal many simple techniques to increase overload intensity that will ignite new muscle growth. I will explain what it means to train with intensity. I will reveal techniques to guarantee each workout is better than the one before.

The purpose of this course is give you a full and complete understanding of the inner and outer workings of Max-OT: to provide you with real-world information that you can use immediately to accelerate your training results. I will break down every aspect of Max-OT in vivid detail. My goal when this course is finished is to have 500,000 Max-OT experts and 5,000,000 extra solid pounds of muscle in the gyms around the world.

You’ve taken the first step, this will get you started.

The real power is the total concept and synergy that comes from the 11 remaining weeks

It’s important to stick with this program week by week as the coming courses will make revelations like you wouldn’t believe.

That’s it for this week. Please read this over several times. Study it. I want you to have a full understanding of this material before you proceed to the next week. Train hard and heavy. Follow each principle, technique, and workout exactly as it is presented. Do this and you’re on your way to making the gains of your life.

Max-OT Week-2 >>>

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