A Max-OT Routine to Get Things Started

I know everyone is very anxious to get started with the training, but understanding the complete Max-OT approach is paramount to getting the most from this program. Over the length of this course, we will go much more in-depth into the various elements of Max-OT, so you will be able to extract every drop from your training, your nutrition, and your determination.

As you’re finding out, building muscle goes way beyond reps and sets. Max-OT incorporates the most effective set and rep scheme and integrates it with precise nutrition, recuperation, intensity, and mental focusing techniques that, when correctly combined, will produce muscle and strength enhancement like no other program in existence. Max-OT is a program containing different elements with each one depending upon the other to form what I like to call “Max-OT Synergy.”

This program is designed to educate and not just instruct. I want to build an understanding as to why each element of Max-OT exists. After you complete this course, you’ll no longer just go through the movements and hope for the best. You’ll know exactly why you do everything.

The next few pages will detail a very effective Max-OT routine to get you accustomed to training the Max-OT way. Follow it to a “T”. This is a very effective Max-OT routine. Latter in the course I will put together over 25 different Max-OT training routines as well as a complete 6 month Max-OT cycling program that will guarantee new muscle growth day in and day out. I will detail exact Max-OT mechanics of each exercise to show you how to get more overload – more muscle growth – from each rep you do.

Now lets proceed to the first Max-OT routine.


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