Take a 1 Week Break From Training Every 8 to 10 Weeks

Make no mistake about it. Max-OT is a brutal form of training. It’s heavy. It’s intense. It’s result producing. It encompasses a total approach. It’s not just the training part of the equation. It’s the mental approach, the nutritional approach, the timing aspect, the exercise techniques all rolled into one.

Understand that muscle growth and strength enhancement doesn’t happen by accident. All in all, muscles beyond maturity do not want to grow. You must force a muscle to grow. Muscles must be subjected to a stimulus that compels it to adapt and grow. There must be a reason for a muscle to grow or it won’t. And, the more effectively you nurture this growth, the greater the results you will experience.

As I discussed earlier, recuperation is of vital importance to muscle growth. Recuperation will determine how well your muscles respond to Max-OT training. There are 4 important “time-spans” of recuperation:

  1. Short Term Recuperation (STR) – Between sets during a workout
  2. Intermediate Term Recuperation (ITR) – Between workouts
  3. Muscle Specific Recuperation (MSR) – Between workouts of the same muscle group
  4. Cyclical Recuperation (CR) – Between Max-OT Training cycles

Taking a week off from training every 8 to 10 weeks is very important for overall recuperation and muscle growth.

Many people have a psychological barrier to taking time off from training.

They feel like they are going to shrink. Not so. In fact, with Max-OT, after your week off for CR, you will usually come back bigger and stronger.

This week off allows your body to repair and grow. You are recovering from 8 or 10 straight weeks of heavy training. Fed properly, your body during this CR phase will be in a very high “anabolic” state. Muscle growth and repair will be constant 24 hours a day.

One very important thing, well, actually two. Do not do any strenuous aerobic or anaerobic activity during this week. You don’t have to be a slug but refrain from any exhausting or physically taxing activities. This is a recuperation week that is a key element in Max-OT.

Also, you should consume plenty of lean protein during this CR as well. When you take a week off from training, you still need to eat and supplement properly for growth to occur. In fact, is vitally import during this phase.


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