As you can see, recovery between workouts is absolutely critical for muscle growth success as well as for optimal health and well-being. This is why a major component of Max-OT training is to optimize recovery between workouts.

Allowing 5 to 6 full days between the training of the same muscle group is essential for full and complete recuperation. Recuperating fully leads to maximum muscle growth. Incomplete recuperation leads to muscle and strength breakdown.

As I said earlier, most training programs have you training far too much. The days of training the same muscle group on Thursday that you trained on Monday are long gone. Max-OT takes the elements of intensity and overload and maximizes the recovery the implementation of these two growth promoting elements requires.

Every part of Max-OT is designed to potentiate and synergistically work with the program as a whole. The longer recovery time is necessary to allow for full recovery from the higher than normal muscle fiber recruitment and stimulation that Max-OT generates. Max-OT style training places much greater demands on muscle recovery. Greater muscle fiber stimulation and maximum recovery generate maximum muscle growth and strength increases. This is what Max-OT is all about.


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