Train Each Muscle Group Once Every 5 to 7 days

Here we go from “Short-Term” between-set muscle recovery (STR) to “Muscle-Specific” recovery (MSR) – the recovery between training sessions of the same muscle group. Example: The time between one leg workout until your next leg workout.

This recovery is very, very important and one of the major components responsible for maximizing the muscle growth process.

Recovery. How many times have you heard this word? Do you understand what it means and what impact it has on muscle growth?

I can answer that with one word – everything. Complete recovery of each muscle group after a Max-OT training session before the same muscle group is subjected to overload again is of equal importance to the overall results as the actual training itself.

Recuperation is everything.

There are many things you can do to enhance recovery. Nutritional advances have made this a “no-brainer” and almost foolproof process. We will get into that in greater detail later. Right now we are primarily concerned with the “time” between workouts to allow for full muscle recovery.

Most training programs have you training way too often. This habit is hard to break. Building muscle is an “excess-endeavor.” You always want more. This being a major motivation, it’s against normal thought to – do less to get more.

The muscle growth process does not occur in the gym. Let me repeat; muscle growth does not occur in the gym. Muscle growth occurs during the recovery period – the critical time between workouts of the same muscle groups.

As a result of overload, the muscle must adapt to compensate for future overload.

The recovery period is the time when muscle is recuperating, growing, and becoming stronger in preparation for more overload – adapting

If a muscle is not allowed to fully recover between workouts, muscle growth will be impeded, over-training will occur, and muscle breakdown will be inevitable. You will become stagnated. Muscle mass and strength will more than likely decrease. Energy levels will dwindle, appetite will lessen, and motivation will disappear.

Most all lifters confuse fatigue with overload. This will take some logical thinking on your part to separate the two – again because of all the miss-information published in the magazines. Things like “feel the burn” are not what building muscle is about.


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