Do 6 to 9 Total Heavy Sets per Muscle Group

6 to 9 Sets

For each muscle group you train, Max-OT principles stipulate between 6 and 9 total “heavy” sets. That’s total heavy sets. No matter how many exercises you do, you will only do between 6 and 9 total heavy sets per muscle group.

What’s a Max-OT “heavy-set”?

A Max-OT heavy-set is a set done with a weight that will allow at least 4 reps, but no more than 6 reps. This is very important and fundamental to Max-OT.

What’s a Max-OT set?

A Max-OT set is a set performed to “positive-failure” with a heavy weight for 4 to 6 reps. In other words, a warm-up set is not a “Max-OT set”. It is a warm-up set and that’s it. So don’t count your warm-up sets as part of your 6 to 9 sets per body part. This is important.

What’s “Positive-Failure”?

Positive failure is when a set is performed to the positive limit of muscle exhaustion. In other words, you are done with a set when you are no longer able to complete a rep on your own.

Positive-failure should occur between the fourth and sixth rep

Max-OT does not employ forced reps beyond maybe partial help on the last rep of a set.

Contrary to what most have been led to believe, forced reps are counterproductive to building muscle. They artificially fatigue the muscle, deplete muscle energy stores, and produce non-progressive overload just to name a few.

How many times have you seen people in the gym training and one guy’s spotting another and yelling in his face to do two more reps when he really should have stopped two reps ago. Do not do forced reps.


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