Max-OT “Set-Synergy” – to Build Muscle

As you can tell by now, Max-OT incorporates a strategy that encompasses total synergy between the different types of sets all leading to the ultimate heavy, muscle-building – 4 to 6 rep sets. It is the 4 to 6 rep sets that are responsible for inducing muscle growth and strength, but without proper techniques in the warm-up and acclimation sets, maximum weight and intensity can’t be used during the heavy sets.Jeff Willet Max-OT V-bar pull downs

The importance of warming up correctly can’t be overstated. It’s essential in staying injury free and critical to your performance during the muscle-building sets. Understanding why you do each specific set that you do will shed light on the overall science behind Max-OT.

Remember, in Max-OT the only sets that build muscle are the 4-6 rep sets. All other sets are done in preparation for these sets. These prior sets are designed to promote maximum muscular energy and strength with minimal risk to injury. This way the muscle-building sets can be performed with maximum overload and maximum mental and physical intensity.


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