Weight Acclimation Sets

Just what is a weight acclimation set? Weight acclimation sets are a form of warm-up sets that are done to allow your muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments to become accustom to the increasing weight overload.Jeff Willet Max-OT row machine

A warm-up set pumps blood into the muscle and surrounding and supporting soft tissue. This enhances flexibility and elasticity of the muscle. A weight acclimation set is performed to progressively introduce the increasing overload to the muscle, joints, and supporting soft tissue in preparation for the high-intensity, heavy sets.

Weight acclimation sets are very important in preventing injury. These sets condition the muscle and soft tissue for the upcoming heavy sets. Neither warm-up sets nor weight acclimation sets build muscle, but they are integral to building muscle by preparing the muscle and supporting soft tissue for the heavy weight.

Because warm-up sets and weight acclimation sets don’t build muscle, they must be done in a manner that does not impede, but enhances the muscle-building sets. This is the essence of weight acclimation.

Weight acclimation sets allow your muscles to “prepare” for upcoming heavy sets without fatiguing the muscle being worked. Proper warm-up techniques utilizing weight acclimation sets will enhance your muscle’s ability to maximize nerve-muscle contraction and lift heavier weights for maximum overload generation.


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