Unnecessary Sets Continued…

Wasted warm-up sets apply to every muscle group being trained. There is no need for repetitive warm-up sets for the same muscle group within different exercises. This only adds further fatigue and depletes muscle energy substrates that ultimately rob your muscle’s ability to handle maximum overload.Jeff Willet Max-OT tricep press downs

“Do Not” Specifics:

  1. Do not pyramid unnecessarily.One of the worst training methods ever introduced is pyramid training. This is where you start out light and then add small increments of weight with each set – going to failure each set until you get to your heaviest set. After the heavy set you then lighten the weight just opposite to how you increased it on the way up. Then you complete reps to failure for each set on the way down.As I said, this is probably the least efficient way possible to build muscle yet it is the most common training approach used today. So if you are training this way the first thing you should ask yourself is – Why do I do this?When you structure your sets like this, for whatever muscle group you are training, you deprive them of not only the overload they are capable of, but also the overload needed to induce efficient muscle growth.
  2. Never go to failure on a warm-up set.This is the ultimate training sin. Never, ever, ever, ever, go to failure with a warm-up set. This is the perfect way to sabotage a workout and stop muscle growth dead in its tracks.
  3. Do not warm-up the same muscle group twice.Never re-warm a muscle group just because you have proceeded to a different exercise.Examples: There is no need to warm-up on the Leg Press after a squat routine. There is no need to start out light on Barbell Curls after finishing Dumbbell Curls. Likewise, there is no need to start out light on Cable Rows after Barbell Rows.


It’s very important to never do unnecessary reps, sets, or exercises when trying to build muscle. This is why warming up properly is so critical. In Max-OT training the heavy sets for 4 to 6 reps is where everything happens. All sets preceding these heavy sets are just performed to get the muscle groups ready for the 4 to 6 rep sets.

Doing any proceeding sets in a manner that will impede in any way the execution of the heavy sets will be counter-productive to building muscle. It’s imperative that you understand the difference between the three different types of sets in Max-OT training.


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