Eliminating and Avoiding Unnecessary Sets

Anytime you do a set it should be performed for a defined purpose. In essence there are only three types of sets – warm-up sets, weight acclimation sets, and muscle-building sets. There is no in-between. No other set should exist and from the standpoint of building muscle, no other set does exist. Each set you do should be clearly defined and fall into one of these 3 categories.Jeff Willet Max-OT leg press

Think about your typical workout. How many sets do you do that have no clear definition? You know the sets that fall somewhere between a warm-up set, a weight acclimation set and a muscle-building set. These sets should be eliminated and a structured Max-OT workout does just that.

A set that is neither a warm-up set, a weight acclimation set, or a muscle-building set does nothing for muscle growth.

In fact, these undefined sets rob the muscle of maximum growth by inducing fatigue. Fatigue is muscle growth’s worst enemy.

Here is an example of unnecessary sets typically done during most non Max-OT workouts

Let’s say you just finished your Flat Bench Press routine. Now it’s time to move over to Incline Bench Press. Most people will follow another inefficient warm-up routine for Incline Bench Press like they did on their Flat Bench Press routine. Why? Your chest muscles are certainly warm and able to handle maximum weight. Why would you go through the entire warm-up scenario again when you’re training essentially the same muscle?

Think about the training you have done in the past and add up all the unnecessary sets you do in a typical routine. Imagine how much this has robbed you of muscle growth.


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