Warming up the Right Way

Here we are going to take the Bench Press and show you a proper warm-up technique that will allow you to lift more weight on your heavy sets. Remember, more weight – more overload – more muscle.Jeff Willet Max-OT incline bench press

Again well use 275 as your heavy weight. If you typically warm-up and train like I pointed out earlier the 275 will feel a lot lighter this time.

  • First Set:
    135 x 12 reps (warm-up) These should be good smooth reps. Not too slow and not too fast. Your main goal is to increase blood flow and get the feel of the movement and the weight. After this first set you should rest about 2 minutes.
  • Second Set:
    135 x 10 reps (warm-up) Same weight as before. Rhythm should be a little faster this time. Not much faster. Rest about 2 minutes.
  • Third Set:
    185 x 6 reps (warm-up) This should be a deliberate set done at a moderate pace. This is the next step in weight acclimation. It should feel light and 4 reps should be very easy. Rest about 2 to 3 minutes before the next set.
  • Fourth Set:
    225 x 3 reps (weight acclimation) You should follow the same rhythm as in the last set. 3 strong reps. Rest 2 minutes before next set.
  • Fifth Set:
    255 x 1 rep (weight acclimation) That’s right, just 1 rep. The purpose here is weight acclimation. This should be a strong, powerful and deliberate rep.
  • Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Sets:
    285 x 4 to 6 reps (muscle-building) These are the muscle-building sets. Very important. These are the only sets that produce muscle growth. All the sets leading up to these heavy sets are merely warm-up sets and are treated as just that and nothing more.

Notice we went to 285 instead of 275. Warming up the Max-OT allows you to use heavier weight during the most important muscle-building sets.


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