Warming up the Max-OT Way

I want you to remember the following. Max-OT is all about building muscle. Max-OT takes the approach that every rep, every set and every workout is done for one reason – to build muscle and strength. This is very important. If you do a rep, set, or entire workout with weights for any other reason then you need to seriously question just why you are training in the first place.Jeff Willet Max-OT leg press

Any time you wrap your hands around a bar and start a set it should be approached with the mindset of building muscle and strength. You should be able to quantify why you do each rep. What other physiological reason is there for lifting weights? So every time you do a rep you know that rep is either directly involved in building muscle or is a necessary prerequisite to the muscle-building reps.

How most lifters fail to take the right approach from the very start

Efficiency is one of the main attributes of Max-OT training. The more efficient you train the more effective your workout is going to be, the more muscle you are going to build and the quicker you are going to build that muscle.

Why expend precious energy without using maximum efficiency? Warming-up properly is an area of training that should be performed with the utmost efficiency because it is the prelude to building muscle.

Warming up improperly will impede your ability to maximize muscle overload, total muscle fiber stimulation, and growth

Warming up correctly will allow you to expend the maximum physical and mental intensity on the sets that count the most – the muscle-building sets.


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