This week I want you to use the warm-up procedure we covered here. Your workout this week is the same as in Week 1.Jeff Willet Max-OT back rows.

I’ve covered some very important points to Max-OT training. It’s important to understand that each aspect of Max-OT is critical and dependant upon every other aspect. Max-OT is a complete and efficient way to train and build muscle and strength. It’s not a program where you just implement the parts and pieces that fit your current style or likes. It’s a complete mental and physical approach to build muscle that incorporates the science of muscle physiology as well as ultra high mental intensity.

I want you read and re-read this section so you will have a full understanding of these techniques and theories. This course is designed so that you will have plenty of time to digest the weekly information and incorporate the techniques as you learn them. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of following this information exactly as it is presented.

Don’t forget the Max-OT Q&A section. I encourage you to send in your questions as this will turn into and quite a knowledge base of Max-OT training information.

Train hard and heavy and I’ll see you next Saturday.

Paul Delia

AST Sports Science

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