Muscle Overload

Muscle overload is what you are after. The entire concept behind Max-OT is to tap into the underlying physiological adaptation processes that stimulate muscle growth. Overload is the stimulus that induces a muscle to grow. Muscle “burn” does not stimulate growth. Muscle “pump” does not stimulate muscle growth. Overload stimulates growth.Jeff Willet Max-OT incline bench

Once into adulthood, muscle growth is not a natural process. It has to be ignited through overload adaptation. In order for a muscle to grow it must have a reason. From a pure training standpoint muscle overload is the only stimulus that can generate muscle growth. The greater the overload, the greater the need for the muscle to adapt. A muscle adapts to overload by growing in size and strength.

As you are well aware, Max-OT is centered completely around achieving progressively increasing muscular overload at every workout. In fact, each time you train you should attempt to increase the overload from the previous training session. If this is not attempted there will be no need for the muscles being trained to adapt and grow.

Max-OT always seeks to force muscle to grow. Progressive increases in overload and intensity are what are required for muscle growth.

This leads me to the final subject in this week’s lesson – Muscle Memory.


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