Once past 30 years of age, we can lose up to 2% of our muscle each year. A leucine-rich diet may prevent the loss of your hard-earned muscle, particularly as you get older, says French researchers who have reported positive results on rodents.

This study showed a diet containing 5% added leucine, not only suppressed muscle loss in the older rodents, the leucine appeared to reignite one of the key mechanisms that block or prevent excessive muscle protein breakdown.

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Elevated levels of peptidase enzymes and proteasome subunits that are characteristic of old muscle were suppressed in the older rodents fed a leucine-rich diet.

A daily protein intake of 5% leucine is pretty easy to obtain, particularly if you supplement with leucine-rich VP2 Whey IsolateRaptor-HP, BCAA 4500 and BCAA-6K.

Source: Am J Clinical Nutrition


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Major Muscle Benefits From Leucine

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