Many bodybuilders are fanatical about their training and never skip a workout. However, this obsessive mentality may not yield the best results. Believe it or not, there is sound scientific evidence that suggests missing a workout here and there can actually make you stronger. 

University of Memphis researchers have recently shown that strength increases occurred when athletes had a two or four day rest from their regular resistance training workouts. Additionally, the harder the athletes trained before the rest, (in terms of overload), the more benefit they reaped from a missed day of training. The reason for the new found gains was due to more recovery. Particularly during tough programs, the athlete just benefits from more rest. It’s that simple.

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Therefore, if you really are a dedicated bodybuilder, don’t be too hard on yourself if you happen to miss the occasional workout here and there. You may well reap some quality strength gains in your next workout. In fact, if you are the kind of bodybuilder who never misses a workout, I recommend that you skip a workout every once and a while. For the truly dedicated athlete, I wouldn’t see a missed workout as a form of laziness; it’s more like a strategic tool the smart bodybuilder can use occasionally to boost strength gains.

Source: Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 

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I missed my chest workout last week. This week, instead of being weaker in my bench press, I was at my strongest ever. How could this be?

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