Previous research on supplementation after resistance training has shown that small doses (15 grams) of protein combined with carbohydrates stimulate muscle protein synthesis – an essential mechanism for increasing muscle size. However, bodybuilders consume post workout shakes that contain protein doses much higher than this. So scientist Tabitha Elliott and her colleagues set out to examine the effects of a higher dose protein and carbohydrates shake on muscle anabolism after resistance training.

Using milk proteins, the researchers measured insulin response and net phenylalanine uptake in muscle (phenylalanine uptake is a measure of the rate of protein synthesis). The researchers discovered that a dose of 30-40 grams of milk protein and carbohydrates had a much greater anabolic effect than the smaller dose used in previous research studies.

MyoGenin - The World's First Active ProteinIt appears that muscle-building rates are enhanced by protein supplements in a dose-dependent manner, especially when consumed after training. The hours immediately after your workout are the most critical. So make sure you optimize the anabolic effect – use one serving of MyoGenin before and after intense workouts.

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Source: Experimental Biology Meeting

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High Dose Protein-Carb Shakes Stimulate Muscle Gains Better Than Low Dose Shakes

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