GL3 L-Glutamine is a popular supplement with athletes because it provides so many important benefits that aid in muscle recovery and lean muscle growth. Glutamine is the primary fuel of the immune system and while intense exercise is a must for building muscle and burning fat, it also suppresses immune function and leaves you vulnerable to illness and infection.

Brazilian researchers have recently shown that glutamine supplementation helped prevent the destruction of neutrophils (white blood cells); an integral part of the immune system. While studies are needed to confirm this important benefit in humans, a substantial amount of research suggests that glutamine supplementation will not only strengthen the immune system during intense training programs, it will also enhance muscle gains.

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Taking GL3 L-Glutamine is easy and very effective. GL3 L-Glutamine Powder can be easily mixed in water or even added to your VP2 Whey Isolate shakes. This will accelerate your quest for more muscle growth.

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Glutamine Supplementation Prevents Destruction of Immune Cells

by Paul Cribb Ph.D. CSCS. time to read: 1 min
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