Alright! It’s time for the uninformed and misguided to listen up. There are many good reasons to make nutrition and sports supplementation a part of your training program; because they work. Even if you are just starting out, there are certain products you should be looking for to help you in your endeavors. For those people who turn a blind eye to supplements and take a holier than thou approach with those who make use of the products companies such as AST Sports Science make available I say good for you and please keep your comments to yourself. In my line of work, I am bombarded with questions on supplementation daily, and you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve heard about supplements and their use in general. So I thought it was time to clear up some of the most ridiculous claims I have heard over the years and set the record straight. Here we go.

Myth #1:  Supplements are Dangerous

I’ll be the first to admit that not all supplements and supplement companies were created equal but to lay a blanket statement such as this over the entire industry is just ludicrous. Take for example AST Sports Science; their products are of only the highest quality and the ingredients used are the purest you can find. There are no fillers and no shortcuts taken to provide the finest sports performance supplements out there. There is a reason they have been around longer than anyone else, and that alone should speak for itself.

Myth #2:  Creatine is Not Safe

This supplement is probably the most scrutinized product of all other supplements combined. More studies have been performed on its use, absorption rate, effectiveness and so on than you need to count. What do you think all the studies (at least the legitimate ones) have come up with? You guessed it, gains in performance, muscle size and strength, muscle volume, an increase in athlete’s speed and wait for it… adverse side effects. The simple fact of the matter is your body already produces it; the body readily absorbs it because it’s not a foreign substance it works only to one’s benefit. My suggestion is to make AST Sports Science’s Micronized Creatine a part of your protocol.

Myth #3:  Protein Powders Make You Fat

The fact is quite the opposite. All the research on whey protein supplementation indicates that a significant drop in body fat percentage can be expected when using whey protein products. Here’s the thing; using whey protein is going to help with the processes that allow for anabolism or hypertrophy to take place. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more fat you burn at rest. With this reasoning, how is it then possible to gain any fat when what you are supplementing with is making you gain lean muscle mass? Now that that is cleared up, make sure you are using a superior whey protein product like VP2 Whey Isolate to bump up your gains in lean muscle tissue and decrease your body fat percentage at the same time.

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Myth #4:  Fat Burners can Cause Heart Attacks

If I hear this one more time, I’m not sure what to do. It seems that the media has put a fear out there about fat burners and have turned many off of their use. Fat burners work by increasing your core temperature and therefore enhancing thermogenesis. They kick-start your metabolism and help you burn unwanted calories. They’re good for a pre-workout boost and properly formulated should never leave you feeling “crashed”. Try using Dymetadrine Xtreme to get in your leanest condition ever.

Myth #5:  No Need for a Multivitamin

Many so-called nutrition experts have actually said to me that as long as you are consciously aware of making sure you have a good variety in your diet, then there should be no need for a multivitamin. Is that right? Well for hard-working bodybuilders and athletes alike who are training like animals day in a day out and are spot on with their nutrition are still lacking in many nutrients. The body uses up these nutrient sources for energy and often they get depleted even when your diet is considered perfect.

This is where a multivitamin/multimineral comes into play. To replenish these nutrient stores and to ensure you have the right amount your body requires for optimal health and performance, you must supplement with a multivitamin. My suggestion is to use MultiPro 32X because just like the label says, it is the serious athlete’s multivitamin/multimineral.

I understand that there will always be naysayers and ignorance is bliss. To simply cast a shadow over such an important aspect of training and nutrition is completely absurd and totally misguided. AST Sports Science is in the business of helping people reach their goals, and they’re not about to add to the health problems that already exist in excess in our society. Do your research, listen to those in the know and allow for yourself to experience a level of health and fitness that you may have never even known existed by using sports and nutrition supplementation.

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Debunking Supplement Myths

by Dana Bushell time to read: 4 min