The physicality of bodybuilding, weight training, cardiovascular work, and any other form of fitness that you may utilize to better yourselves, often times takes precedence over possibly the most important aspect of all; your mindset.

How you approach any of these forms of exercise is the first and driving force behind whether or not you will succeed. The fact is that anything can and will work for you if you go into it with a certain mindset.

All you have to ensure is that whatever it is you choose to do to better yourself, you do it with a type of tenacity necessary for new-found growth. To help you get there, here are a few key tips for you to use to help change your current mindset so that you can change your results.

Fully Commit

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to be the best bodybuilder in the world or it’s just to improve upon your general health, either way, you have to fully commit to the process. That means devising a direct plan of attack and then executing that plan with ultimate precision.

You can’t be perfect with your training yet falter with your nutrition. You can’t miss a day in the gym yet try to make up for it the next day by training longer. It doesn’t work like that. You have to make a conscious choice to do everything that has been laid out for you exactly the way it is no matter what. Don’t say to yourself you’re just going to ease into things or make yourself feel better by saying you’ll make sure everything is on point tomorrow and shrug off what you didn’t do today. Fully commit to the process and reap the rewards.

Tunnel Vision

Once you have decided to commit to what you are doing, it’s time to put the blinders on and generate a form of tunnel vision that will allow you to stay completely focused on your goals.

You can’t allow yourself to look around at what others are doing. You can’t listen to people, who despite having great intentions, may not provide you with the advice you need because it counters what you’ve already mapped out. Your focus is yours and nothing can derail it.

Block out anything that doesn’t pertain to your plan, resist the temptation to sneak a peek at other options, and simply keep your eyes on your prize. This is the only way to do it right and the best way to evaluate your progress.

Keep Learning

Finally, and most importantly, keep learning your body. Pay strict attention to everything that you are doing and everything that happens as a result of what you are doing.

Don’t leave anything to chance. It is very important for you to stick with your plan but it’s even more important to educate yourself about the effects of your actions so that you know when change is necessary.

If all anyone ever had to do was pick one course of action and stick with it forever, then this whole bodybuilding thing would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. As much as you have to be precise with your original plan, you only do so until that plan stops providing you with the results you are looking for. At that point, you take what you have learned and make the necessary changes.

If you go into this knowing that change at some point will be imminent, then you won’t be disappointed when your gains start slowing down. You’ll just know it’s time to adjust and continue on.

There are many decisions to be made and choices to be considered when embarking upon any new fitness or health journey. Your mindset and how you approach what you are doing shouldn’t be one of them.

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Change Your Mindset to Boost Your Results

by Dana Bushell time to read: 3 min