Back in the early 90’s we were researching Growth Hormone and ways to stimulate its release. Out of nowhere, we stumbled onto some compelling research on GABA and its effect on growth hormone. The research was so significant that we introduced GABA to the market. No one had ever used it for this purpose before.

GABA - Gamma Aminobutyric AcidFor building lean muscle, GABA is an extremely effective supplement. In fact, it’s one of the most effective supplements for elevating growth hormone that you can take. Studies show an incredible 550% increase in growth hormone secretion within 90 minutes after taking just 5 grams of GABA. And if you weren’t aware, Growth hormone is a primary hormone involved in the anabolic process of muscle growth and is a key hormone involved in fat metabolism.

Here is something very interesting that solidifies why you should be taking GABA every night – even if you don’t train. A recent study at the University of Chicago revealed some startling facts about our body’s diminishing growth hormone output.

Your body secretes the most growth hormone during deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. However, our ability to achieve deep REM sleep diminishes each year. The first stage of deterioration of sleep due to aging occurs between young adulthood (ages 16 to 25) and mid-life (35-50). Although total sleep remained constant as young adults moved into mid-life, the proportion of slow wave or deep REM sleep decreased from nearly 20 percent of a normal night’s sleep for those under 25 to less than five percent for those over 35. Growth hormone secretion, which occurs primarily during deep REM sleep, also declined by about 75 percent.

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As you get older, starting at the early age of 16, your body’s growth hormone output decreases. This could be the major reason developing muscle and losing fat gets more difficult with age – starting in your mid-teens!

GABA is an awesome supplement that will produce dramatic effects in muscle size and fat loss. It’s a unique supplement that produces an immediate effect. You even “feel” GABA shortly after you take it. You get a tingling feeling in your scalp and extremities. Some people report a slight shortness of breath a few minutes after taking it, but this is mild and doesn’t last long. Also, GABA has a relaxing effect and allows you to sleep more soundly. Some people even report vivid and colorful dreams when using GABA. Bonus!

I highly recommend GABA to virtually everyone. It’s easy to use. You just take 5 grams in a small amount of water or juice before going to bed. That’s it. You’ll sleep better, recover fully, build more lean mass, reduce body fat, and possibly even slow down the aging process.

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