Some studies have concluded that overweight men who exercised regularly, possess a lower risk of heart disease than fat men that do not exercise.

However, a more important question is, would these “fat-and-fit” individuals be healthier if they lost the excess fat? The answer is undoubtedly, yes.

A group of Canadian researchers have identified that in overweight people, risk factors for weight-related illnesses are reduced by up to 15% with every 5 pounds shed of unwanted flab.

Combine this information with more recent, insightful work that revealed a person’s body fat level and the risk of cancer are closely related. In fact, the lead research of this ground-breaking investigation went on record as suggesting that to avoid the development of cancer, people should aim to be as lean as possible.

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I read your report on the error margin in bioimpedance devices and I wanted to know if you were referring to the average person or athletes?

Some people might be able to be fit and fat at the same time, but it is clear that a person cannot be healthy and fat at the same time.

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Can a person be fat and fit at the same time?

by Paul Cribb Ph.D. CSCS. time to read: 1 min
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