Water is the first logical answer to the question of fluid replacement to prevent dehydration. However, during non-workout times of the day, the research on this topic suggests that most fluids are effective at rehydrating the body, including caffeine-containing beverages.

Researchers at the University of Nebraska have shown that caffeine-containing beverages actually promote hydration and do not cause dehydration (thus dispelling the myth that caffeine-containing beverages cause dehydration).

Their research showed that caffeine-containing beverages hydrate the body just as effectively as drinks that contain no caffeine. These researchers have completed other studies that show most non-alcoholic beverages will promote hydration.

This interesting research showed that subjects who drank water as their main fluid source achieved hydration levels that were similar to a group who drank any other beverages other than water during the day. Therefore, during the non-exercise hours of the day, it seems as though any liquid will hydrate your body, as long as you drink plenty of it. However, fluid consumption during exercise is a different story.

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Muscle Energy Juicy GrapeDuring exercise, electrolytes are a necessity. They increase the speed of fluid uptake and are essential for muscle force production, hydration, and muscle cramp prevention.

Rapid fluid uptake into the bloodstream is optimized in the presence of electrolytes and this is important especially during physical exertion.

Muscle Energy is a new Amino Acid sports drink with an advanced hydration formula. It promotes rapid muscle and whole-body hydration while supplying muscle-critical amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to optimize exercise performance.

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The best Way to Stay Hydrated. Does Caffeine Play a Role?

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