There are some nutrients that are shown to have a significant, positive effect on brain function and mental cognition. Caffeine and creatine are two supplements that are shown in research to provide the brain with an immediate boost. However, at the top of this list are the omega-3 essential fats. I’ll give you two examples at either end of the spectrum of the omega-3’s powerful influence on brain function.

First, low levels of omega-3 in brain cells are directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease; a condition that is a basic deterioration of brain function. At the other end of the spectrum, Harvard scientists recently showed that women who consumed a diet rich in omega-3 gave birth to babies with higher IQs.

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Omega-3 is thought to be of such immense benefit to all cells as they form part of the complex structures in cell membranes that enable efficient oxygen uptake and the elimination of cellular waste (such as carbon dioxide). Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t a quick fix solution, they need to be incorporated into the diet on a permanent basis so that over the long-term they become built-in to the membrane structure of cells.

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Are there any supplements that actually support brain function and health?

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