Intense, short duration exercise (Max-OT and Max-OT Cardio) is known to be a potent trigger of growth hormone (GH) release. The peak in this response occurs in the hours immediately following exercise.

Although the research isn’t entirely clear on this topic, this post-workout peak in GH is thought to coincide with the recovery processes that must occur after exercise.

Recovery processes such as muscle protein synthesis and glycogen synthesis require substantial amounts of energy and the richest source of energy is fat. GH is a well established fat mobilizer. GH also plays a role in metabolizing fat for fuel. At least one reason for the exercise-induced peak in GH after exercise is to increase the availability and utilization of fat required to fuel the recovery process after exercise.

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This increase in growth hormone after intense training is a natural response to heavy, intense training. The more intense you train, the greater the GH response. The greater the GH response, the greater the anabolic activity in muscle and higher the fat utilization – more muscle, less fat.

GL3 L-Glutamine 1200 Grams - Best Glutamine SupplementAs an intelligent athlete, you can use this science to help fuel your results from training. Glutamine is a potent GH elevator. Just 2-grams of glutamine is shown to increase GH levels by 430%. Though research has not been done on glutamine’s effect on GH immediately after training, I suspect there could be significant synergy. A 2 to 5-gram dose of GL3 L-Glutamine after your workout is a smart strategy for spiking GH.

Source: Growth Hormone and IGF Research 15: 397-404, 2005.

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Why does growth hormone release peak after exercise?

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