A high protein, low-fat, moderate-carbohydrate diet is without a doubt, the most effective nutritional approach for stimulating lean muscle gains while accelerating fat loss. The scientific literature proves this and the real world results solidify the research. Protein is the most important nutrient for supporting muscle growth, strength, and performance. Muscle growth requires protein, and this emerging research shows higher protein levels significantly accelerate fat loss.

A high-protein diet enhances fat loss through numerous pathways. These multiple fat loss avenues work synergistically to boost your metabolism.

  • A diet higher in protein satisfies hunger more than any other eating approach (this makes sticking to a calorie-restricted diet much easier).
  • Higher protein intake increases thermogenesis and boosts your metabolic rate.
  • Protein intake throughout the day helps to maintain blood sugar levels and lowers the insulin response after a meal to promote fat burning all day long.

Protein and Leucine

Another “secret” to increased fat loss from high protein diets involves the unique amino acid leucine. New MyoGenin floods your muscles with mTOR igniting leucine. Incorporation of leucine-rich MyoGenin into a high protein diet results in much more effective fat loss.MyoGenin - The World's First Active Protein

The reason is that leucine, an essential amino acid, is primarily responsible for igniting protein synthesis through mTOR activation in muscle cells (the mechanism behind increasing muscle mass).

Leucine also triggers the liver to make new blood sugar from alanine (another amino acid), pyruvate and lactate. Pyruvate and lactate are by-products of glucose metabolism. Utilization of these substrates is shown to curb the appetite and delay hunger.

Leucine is critical for protein synthesis and critical for numerous pathways of fat loss.

Other supplements high in leucine are VP2 Whey Isolate and BCAA 4500.

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Protein provides the essential building material for muscle growth but as you see it also plays a vital role in fat loss and creating a metabolic environment for keeping you lean. As an athlete, high-level performance depends on muscle strength and even more important – favorable power to weight ratio. Increasing your protein intake will deliver the macronutrient profile needed for lean muscle, strength and accelerated fat loss.

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High Protein for More Muscle and Better Fat Loss

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