Now get this, research shows an 8-gram dose of glutamine directly after exercise promotes the same glycogen storage effect as consuming 61-grams of glucose!

Glutamine appears to be incredibly effective for increasing muscle energy stores without adding any extra calories. Obviously, this research has important implications for all athletes looking to build lean mass and enhance performance and looks especially important for those on calorie-restricted diets.

Glucose is the primary fuel that powers all intense forms of exercise. Think of glycogen as a fuel source for glucose and your muscle as your glycogen storage tank.

Taking GL3 L-Glutamine directly after intense training appears to enhance the muscle glycogen refueling process and increases the amount of muscle energy stored and available. Just as important is that it does so without adding any extra calories.

Now not only does glutamine create a hyper-glycogen storage environment within muscle, but it also increases whole-body glycogen synthesis when used with glucose.

Utilizing a glucose “tracer” technique, scientists were able to follow the ingested glucose and results revealed that combining glutamine with glucose provides greater whole-body glycogen synthesis than glucose or glutamine alone. The addition of glutamine to a glucose solution ensured greater non-oxidative disappearance of glucose, suggesting that more glycogen was stored within muscle tissue and the liver.

Greater glycogen storage means you have more muscle fuel for training and increased muscle cell volume.

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With this knowledge, you can tailor glutamine use for your specific goals. When and how to use GL3 L-Glutamine, based on this research, to maximize lean muscle growth and fat loss is a pretty easy process. And integrating this process with Max-OT Training and Max-OT Cardio makes for some very impressive results.

VP2 DGC and GL3For building lean mass, combine 8 to 10 grams of GL3 L-Glutamine mixed with 1 serving of DGC and 1 serving of VP2 Whey Isolate immediately after weight training. This stack will quickly replenish depleted glycogen stores and trigger a powerful anabolic effect within the muscle. This will activate a higher rate of protein synthesis and accelerated muscle gains.

After every Max-OT Cardio session take 8 to 10 grams of GL3 L-Glutamine mixed in cold water or other non-caloric drink. This is an especially opportune time to take advantage of glutamine’s anabolic potential.

With this technique, you quickly replenish glycogen stores within your muscles without the expense of extra calories. You take full advantage of the metabolic enhancement from Max-OT Cardio while also activating the anabolic process within the muscle. You magnify Max-OT Cardio’s fat-burning effects while maintaining and even increasing your body’s anabolic activity.

As you can see, the strategic use of GL3 L-Glutamine will allow you to gain lean muscle even when on a calorie-restricted diet.

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How to Use Glutamine for Hyper-Glycogen Storage!

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