Almost every experienced bodybuilder will agree that the mind-to-muscle link is important to optimize the growth response to training. A recent study suggests this maybe true. This research showed that you can increase muscle activation during weight lifting by concentrating on the muscle during the exercise.

British researchers found that fiber activation was greatest when people mentally focused on their bicep muscles when doing bicep curls.

Athletes have many different ways to increase their focus while the train. I fully believe those who are able to focus 100% are the elite athletes. It’s not a trait you instantly acquire. The mind-muscle link is something that can take years to truly develop, but when you do you are in for major gains unachievable otherwise.

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One thing that Max-OT is designed to do is make it easier to focus while you train and generate an elite level mind-muscle link. For example, if a set is only going to last 20 seconds (4 to 6 reps) the it’s much easier to generate 100% focus and 100% intensity in that very small amount of time as opposed to 60 seconds or more. Same applies to the duration of the entire workout. It’s much easier to focus 100% for 30 minutes than it is for an hour and a half.

These little advantages that Max-OT gives you add up 100 fold when it comes to building muscle.

Source: Paper presented at the British Physiological Society meeting,

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Does mentally focusing on the muscle you’re working really help it grow? Is there any science on this?

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