Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a compound shown in many animal and human studies to improve body composition by maintaining lean muscle mass and enhancing fat loss. This is the toughest part of following a diet – losing fat while keeping, or even better, building muscle. Other studies shows that CLA helps improve glucose metabolism and leptin levels to help you stay lean once the fat comes off.

CLA is also a powerful antioxidant that may help protect against a variety of cancers. CLA is a true Performance-Lipid – a research-proven performance supplement that produces results.

Best CLA supplement - CLA 1000 - Conjugated Linoleic AcidNow a recent study has reported that CLA may also enhance fat loss through a completely different mechanism – by reducing hunger and increasing satiety (the feeling of fullness) in response to meals. This research revealed CLA makes smaller meals with fewer calories more satisfying and filling. Losing fat comes down to burning more calories than you take in. Anyway, you can make this process easier and less painful, the more successful you’ll be at losing fat. This new research shows CLA gives you that luxury.

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Researchers from Holland have shown that a diet rich in CLA helped people eat less food and feel more satisfied from consuming smaller meals.

This finding could make CLA a dieters dream. The most difficult parts of losing fat are the hunger and cravings that come along with dieting. Supplementing with CLA can help your reduced calorie meals become more satisfying and hunger quenching.

This is just another one of many research-based health benefits from CLA – an amazing compound. Adding CLA 1000 to your supplement program can help you get lean and stay lean.

Source: J. Physiol Behavior

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Research Shows CLA Reduces Your Hunger When You are Dieting

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