Research has clearly shown that lifting weights is the most effective activity to build bone strength. However, the results of a recent study suggest that a program like Max-OT may provide a definite advantage to increasing bone density over traditional weight training programs.

This research study demonstrated that when participants moved the weight explosively during resistance training, it was a more effective stimulus to increase bone density compared to traditional strength training that involves the slow movement of the weight.

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A feature of Max-OT training is placing the muscle under high-overload and using the body’s natural biomechanics to move that heavy weight in an explosive but controlled fashion. The benefits of this style of training are rapid strength and muscle mass gains. Based on this recent study, I highly recommend Max-OT as a form of progressive overload training that would promote bone density as well as muscle and strength development.

Source: J Appl Physiol 99; 181-189, 2005.

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Max-OT Training is More Effective for Increasing Lean Mass, Bone Strength and Density

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