The traditional approach for using creatine is to ‘load’ with this supplement for 5 days (5 grams, 4 or 5 times a day). This is followed by a ‘maintenance’ dose (3-5 grams a day) for another 11 or 12 weeks.  After 10-12 weeks a ‘break’ from creatine is recommended.

However, this protocol is by no means the most effective way to use this amazing supplement. Far from it. In fact, there is no reason to “cycle” a highly effective supplement such as Micronized Creatine unless this strategy is done for a specific reason – that is, to produce an even better result.

Creatine Cycling is a strategy I developed specifically for bodybuilders that want the maximum benefits and muscle mass gains from supplementation.

Creatine Cycling involves a shorter-term loading phase, just three days, not the traditional 5 days that the magazines tell you.

This short loading phase is followed by 4 days without creatine supplementation. This cycle is repeated, regardless of the training schedule. Cycling this supplement in such a way may seem a little off-beat. However, there is a very clear method behind the “madness.”

Research indicates the potential of creatine to provide an anabolic effect resides in the ability to increase muscle creatine concentrations and keep them elevated. Hundreds and hundreds of muscle biopsy analyses have shown me that using creatine in the traditional way, fails to maintain high creatine levels in muscle. In fact, when creatine is used in the traditional way, muscle creatine stores actually decrease during a training program.

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Creatine Cycling harnesses the laws of cellular dynamics and what we know about creatine uptake by muscle, to create a powerful synergy that results in rapid gains in strength and lean muscle mass. In fact, the anabolic effect is so pronounced, increased muscle size is observed even from performing other forms of intense exercise, no weight lifting! However, the most positive feedback about creatine cycling I’ve received is from bodybuilders.

I still get emails from bodybuilders all over the world informing me of the difference this strategy has made to their physiques and gains in general. I welcome input from any athletes that are willing to try this unconventional, yet highly effective way of using creatine.

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Should I cycle creatine? If so, can you tell me the best way to do this?

by Paul Cribb Ph.D. CSCS. time to read: 2 min