MyoGenin – The World’s First Active Protein

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MyoGenin is a revolutionary new “Active Protein Substrate” designed to activate mTOR for greater protein synthesis and increased muscle growth and strength.


Myogenin is The World’s First Active Protein

Introducing MyoGenin, a revolutionary new 2-phase, leucine-specific, hydrolyzed whey protein phospholipid hybrid, engineered with ground-breaking, Integrated mTOR Activation Technology™.

MyoGenin is unlike any other protein in the world and delivers a major breakthrough in muscle-building protein synthesis.

Until now, your choices have been whey protein, casein protein, egg protein, soy protein and various blends of these.

MyoGenin is a completely new category of muscle-building protein. It’s a hybrid protein, integrating a proprietary engineered hydrolyzed whey protein with leucine-specific, 2-stage active enzymes interfused within a phospholipid matrix.

This advanced and very unique protein hybrid is engineered to activate mTOR by releasing ultra-high levels of leucine peptides in the body. No other protein, or supplement, or even pharmaceutical compound provides this type of target-specific activity.

MyoGenin is not just a whey protein with added enzymes, it’s an entirely new protein substrate – an “Active Protein”.

The active enzymes in MyoGenin are integrated and protected within the protein structure by a special phospholipid membrane and are engineered to actively target and cleave the attachment sites of leucine on the peptide chain.

This target-specific activation releases a flood of leucine within the body from the bioactive peptides after it’s consumed.

Unlike other hydrolyzed proteins where peptides are randomly cut from the protein chains, MyoGenin’s active enzymes specifically cleave leucine from its peptide attachment.

This leucine-specific hydrolysis and integrated enzyme technology in MyoGenin is the pinnacle of protein science.

The leucine peptides from MyoGenin activate mTOR to dramatically increase muscle-building protein synthesis.

MyoGenin is truly an engineered protein like no other.

Integrated mTOR Activation Technology™

Leucine is the primary activator of mTOR – the main cellular signaling complex for up-regulating muscle protein synthesis.

Unlike other proteins, MyoGenin, with Integrated mTOR Activation Technology™, floods your body with mTOR activating leucine in 2 stages.

When mTOR is activated, muscle protein synthesis increases dramatically. MyoGenin is engineered to dramatically increase mTOR activity igniting greater protein synthesis and rapid muscle growth!

The greater the activation of mTOR, the more muscle protein your body will synthesize and the more muscle you will build.

MyoGenin Mixes Instantly

MyoGenin mixes easily with a spoon and even easier in a shaker bottle making it easy to use anytime and anywhere.

MyoGenin is truly a user-friendly, high-performance muscle builder.

MyoGenin - The World's First Active ProteinDessert-Like Taste – Smooth Texture – Silky Mouthfeel

MyoGenin comes in super-delicious, dessert-like chocolate flavor. We call it Chocolate Milkshake.

The texture is smooth with a silky mouthfeel. Sweet and rich with chocolate flavor, but not too sweet – just right.

Most hydrolyzed proteins have an extremely bitter taste and chalky mouthfeel. MyoGenin’s unique structure and 2-phase hydrolysis tempers the bad attributes you’ll find in other hydrolyzed proteins and gives you a smooth, delicious shake.

This is yet another advancement MyoGenin brings in protein science.

MyoGenin Changes The Game

With MyoGenin, you’re not just consuming grams of protein; you are taking an “Active Protein Substrate” that is engineered to deliver specific signals to the mTOR that trigger protein synthesis and greater muscle growth.

While providing a potent protein punch, MyoGenin’s exclusive Integrated mTOR Activation Technology sets it above all other protein supplements by activating mTOR to an extra-high degree.

With MyoGenin, the muscle-building game has changed. MyoGenin is the future of muscle.

MyoGenin Supplement Facts

  • World’s First Active Protein Substrate

  • Dramatically Increase Lean Muscle

  • Decrease Bodyfat

  • Increase Strength

  • Leucine-Specific Hydrolysis

  • 2-Stage Leucine Release

  • Integrated mTOR Activation

  • Phospholipid Membrane

What’s the difference between MyoGenin and other proteins?

Answer: MyoGenin is unlike any other protein. It’s is a completely new engineered active protein substrate. It starts with a special hydrolyzed whey protein and then integrates leucine-specific active enzymes within the protein structure. This integration is accomplished by fusing the protein/enzyme structure in a 2-phase, phospholipid membrane. No other protein in the world uses this advanced technology.

What does leucine-specific hydrolysis mean?

Answer: A hydrolyzed protein is a protein that has been randomly broken down into smaller peptide chains. MyoGenin’s leucine-specific hydrolysis means that the hydrolysis is targeted specifically to the leucine peptide attachment on the hydrolyzed protein peptide chain. This dramatically increases leucine peptides released from the protein.

How does MyoGenin’s 2-phase release work?

Answer: The phospholipid technology pioneered with Myogenin creates a two-stage hydrolyzation mechanism where leucine is released in two separate phases. The first precision hydrolysis phase occurs when you mix MyoGenin with liquid. The second stage begins after you consume MyoGenin and continues for approximately 3 hours after. Again, targeting the leucine attachment sites. MyoGenin floods your body with mTOR activating leucine for greater protein synthesis activity.

Why are there 5 grams of fat in MyoGenin?

Answer: The fat content is from the special phospholipid membrane structure encompassing the protein/enzyme matrix. This designer-lipid structure is key to the active function of MyoGenin by protecting the leucine-specific enzymes and facilitating the precision 2-phase release.

What makes Myogenin so powerful for building muscle?

Answer: MyoGenin’s unique Integrated mTOR Activation Technology. mTOR is your body’s primary signaling complex for protein synthesis. The more you activate mTOR, the more muscle you build. MyoGenin is specifically designed to activate mTOR and it does this better than any other protein or supplement in existence.

What exactly is mTOR?

Answer: mTOR stands for mammalian Target Of Rapamycin - and it is the major anabolic pathway that regulates protein synthesis in muscle. To put it simply, mTOR signals muscle tissue to grow. The more you can activate mTOR, the greater anabolic activity you create. MyoGenin is engineered to activate mTOR.

When is the best time to take MyoGenin?

Answer: Resistance training is also a major activator of mTOR. Taking MyoGenin after training works synergistically with the effects from resistance exercise to maximize mTOR activity and, at the same time, deliver the most efficient protein substrate for muscle growth. Other key times to take MyoGenin are immediately after you wake up and right before you go to sleep. These are critical and very opportunistic times to support muscle protein synthesis. Before bed creates an optimal anabolic environment in muscle while you sleep and recover. When you wake, a serving of MyoGenin kicks off new anabolic activity as your day starts.

What should I mix MyoGenin with?

Answer: Cold water or milk. Both taste excellent!

How much liquid should MyoGenin be mixed with?

Answer: Use 6 to 8 ounces of water or milk. MyoGenin can be mixed easily with a spoon and even mixes better in a shaker bottle. The taste is incredible and you can actually feel it working.

Can MyoGenin be mixed with whole milk?

Answer: Absolutely. Using whole milk is a great way to add extra calories if you have high energy requirements or have a difficult time gaining weight. And it adds to the creaminess of the shake.

Can a blender be used?

Answer: A blender can certainly be used but MyoGenin mixes so easily that it’s not necessary.

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