What if you could literally infuse your muscles with extreme energizing, power producing and growth enhancing amino acids (the building blocks of muscle) instantly – on command? Now you can – and the results will blow you away!

AR-5 Lemon IceIntroducing new AR-5 – a breakthrough amino acid muscle energizing formula that is brilliantly designed to give you more dynamic power, insane stimulant-free energy, faster between set recuperation, more effective and complete between workout recovery, greater training endurance, muscle-quenching hydration, dramatic strength increases, and accelerated protein synthesis and muscle growth.

And it’s available right now in a fast acting, great tasting high-performance drink mix. AR-5 comes in two awesome flavors – Lemon Ice and Juicy Grape.

AR-5 is quite possibly the most effective performance supplement you’ll ever use. Each serving pumps an ultra-concentrated high-performance amino acid matrix directly to your muscles packed with incredible array of the following performance enhancing substrates.

PGSS Micronization

When developing AR-5 we didn't want to just mix up a bunch of amino acids together, add a little flavoring and then hope for the best. Unfortunately there is far too much of that readily available from other companies. No, we wanted to revolutionized amino acid delivery. This required a complete re-thinking of formulation processes. We turned to the pharmaceutical industry for some innovative and ground breaking processing techniques.

Introducing PGSS Micronization – known as Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions. This incredibly advance micronization process uses a super high-pressure gas-saturated solution that contains the amino acids being micronized. The solution is then rapidly expanded into an expansion chamber through a high-pressure nozzle in excess of 300 miles per hour. As the solution enters the chamber at this high speed the gas evaporates off. Through this evaporation and volume-expansion of the gas, temperature rapidly declines and ultra-micronized particles are formed. They are then separated from the solution through a cyclone separator and electrostatic filter process.

This exclusive state-of-the-art micronization process produces a ultra-pure micro-amino acid particle only available from AST Sports Science. You get the most advanced amino acid supplement in the world.

PGSS Micronized BCAA

BCAAs – Branched Chain Amino Acids are the “holy-grail” of muscle-building aminos and AR-5 delivers your muscles a potent dose (7 grams per serving) of PGSS Micronized BCAAs for ultra-efficient and rapid muscle uptake. Just 1 concentrated scoop delivers 7000 muscle-building milligrams of micronized Branch Chain Amino Acids directly to your muscles. And when I say "directly to your muscles" I mean that literally. The BCAAs in AR-5 bypass liver processing that handicaps all other amino acids. This means the BCAAs in AR-5 go directly into the bloodstream intact for direct delivery to muscle tissue.

BCAAs are the most extensively researched amino acids. When it comes to turning on anabolic activity in muscle tissue while turning off anti-catabolic activity, no other amino acids or combination of amino acids have shown such direct anabolic effect. And by incorporating an advanced micronization technique called PGSS Micronization to each individual amino, we have created a formula with a rapid amino-muscle uptake unmatched by anything else available. With AR-5 you get the purest, most effective muscle-building amino acids PGSS Micronized so they are delivered to your muscles efficiently and at the fastest rate possible. AR-5 is Instant Anabolic FuelTM.

PGSS Micronized Glutamine

Glutamine is the most abundant single amino acid in the blood and in the intracellular free amino acid pool (most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue). It comprises 61% of the amino acid pool in skeletal muscle. Let me repeat this, 61% of the amino acid pool in your muscle tissue is Glutamine. To say glutamine is important in the muscle building process is an understatement! AR-5 delivers 3 potent grams of PGSS Micronized glutamine per serving. That's 3000 muscle-building micrograms in each ultra-concentrated scoop.

Glutamine has a unique molecular structure, containing two nitrogen side chains, consisting of 19% nitrogen – making it the primary transporter of nitrogen into the muscle cell. In fact, glutamine alone is responsible for 35% of the nitrogen that gets into your muscle cells. Glutamine literally drives muscle building nitrogen into the muscle cell where it is synthesized for growth. Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is essential for protein synthesis and muscle growth. AR-5 delivers that nitrogen so you can create and maintain the inter-cellular "anabolic state" necessary for maximum muscle growth.

And that's not all, glutamine has been shown in clinical studies to elevate circulating growth hormone levels. Research reveals glutamine can increase growth hormone levels by over 430% with just a 2 gram dose. I don't have to tell you the potency of human growth hormone – it's considered one of the most anabolic hormones in the human body. Naturally elevated growth hormone levels increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat.

Glutamine has also been shown to preserve muscle and whole body glycogen levels without adding calories. Glycogen is your muscle's primary fuel source. The micronized glutamine in AR-5 delivers fuel to your working muscles fast!

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Anti-Catabolic Amino Acid MatrixTM

Now let me clue you in on a little known secret – there is a subset of very specific amino acids that are critical and more importantly, essential to the regulation of protein breakdown, protein synthesis and the muscle growth process called – regulatory amino acids. There are also amino acids that give you no benefit and do absolutely nothing in the regulation of muscle growth called – non-regulatory amino acids. Yes you guessed it – utilise the regulatory amino acids and 86 the non-regulatory amino acids.

Now to complicate things even more, there is a phenomenon called "zonal loss of efficacy" of the regulatory amino acids. This means that these key regulatory amino acids suppress proteolysis (muscle breakdown) and promote protein synthesis (muscle growth) in specific "zonal" concentrations. Too low a concentration – no effect. Too high a concentration – no effect. Big concentration of these regulatory amino acids are not the answer to promoting muscle growth. In fact, too high a concentration and the antiproteolytic effect largely disappears. But at the same time too low a concentration and the antiproteolytic effect is not there. Specific amino acid concentrations and just as important, specific amino acid ratios are key to harnessing the somewhat elussive anti-catabolic effects of these very important regulatory amino acids.

AR-5 delivers this specific subset of key regulatory amino acids (methionine, phenylalanine, histidine, proline, tryptophan and tyrosine) to directly impact (stop) protein breakdown. These very unique regulatory amino acids are paramount to anti-catabolic activity in muscle. AR-5 intelligently integrates 1210 milligrams in optimized ratios of this important amino subset in every serving. AR-5's Anti-Catabolic Amino Acid MatrixTM delivers a specific quantity and ratio that hits the "sweet spot" for for maximizing the regulatory amino acids' anti-catabolic effects – zonal efficacy.

So on top of heavy doses of advanced micronized branch chain amino acids and glutamine, your muscles get our proprietary Anti-Catabolic Amino Acid MatrixTM. Every sip of AR-5 helps prevent the breakdown of hard earned muscle while igniting new muscle growth.


Building muscle requires maximum effort – both mentally and physically. Optimum muscle hydration and electrolyte concentration are paramount to maximum muscle fiber contraction, power generation, strength, endurance and mental focus. In fact, electrolytes are absolutely essential to this task. Without optimum levels of these key electrolytes, muscle weakness, micro-cramping, full muscle cramping and premature muscle fiber failure will drastically limit and even shut down your efforts.

Your body fights to maintain a complex electrolyte balance between the intracellular and extracellular environment. This balance is called the osmotic gradient. Maintaining a precise osmotic gradient of electrolytes is important for maximum muscle performance. Even slight imbalances will have a major impact on performance. Optimum osmotic gradients affect and regulate muscle hydration and are critical for nerve and muscle function.

AR-5 delivers a potent and precise electrolyte punch to hydrate and fuel working muscles allowing you to perform stronger, faster, and more focused for longer. This powerful electrolyte formula HydroLyteTM literally draws critical fluid into your muscles while producing the precision osmotic gradient for optimum fluid balance, cell volume and hydration. You feel big, you feel pumped and you feel strong! You can train harder for longer and recover faster! You'll have pure strength and performance from start to finish.

How to Use AR-5

AR-5 is very easy to structure into any training plan. It mixes easily in cold water with a spoon or a shaker and tastes great. I like to throw a scoop or two in an AST shaker, add some ice and fill it to the top with some cold water and shake it up. AR-5 is ultra-concentrated and ultra-pure with no unnecessary fillers or additives. Just pure, powerful, muscle-building ingredients. It tastes great and you can actually feel it going to work as soon as you start drinking it.

AR-5 is designed to take advantage of metabolic window created by and surounding your workout or training protocol.

Taken approximately 30 minutes before training AR-5 primes your metabolism with high-energy substrates, muscle fuel, key electrolytes, and anabolic amino acids. This serving sets the "anabolic state" so your body is primed for growth from the very first rep.

A serving of AR-5 during your workout provides a steady stream of amino acids as you train for sustained energy, full hydration and anabolic fuel. You'll feel as strong and energized on your last set as you did on your first.

A final serving of AR-5 after you train sets the recovery and muscle-growth process into high gear, quenches muscle hydration and activates key anabolic hormones to maximize results from your workout. This serving ensures maximum results from your workout.

AR-5 is your perfect training tool for maximum results.

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