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Build Muscle - Lose fat

Build Muscle, Lose Fat

Gaining lean muscle mass without adding body fat cannot be achieved with a haphazard nutritional approach. You can't just throw loads of calories into your diet and expect to see consistent results in increasing lean muscle. Over the years I have experimented with many combinations of total calories and respective protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios. I have developed an effective formula that gives you your total daily calorie target complete with precise protein, carbohydrate and fat intake levels.

Following this nutritional calculation allowed IFBB Pro Jeff Willet to add more than 20 pounds of lean muscle in less than 10 months!

This unique and precise ratio calculation takes different body types and their different nutrient demands into account to optimize lean muscle growth. This is an extremely accurate formula calculated off body weight, individual body type, and activity level.

Even with these proprietary formulas, however, every individual's metabolic rate is different. Some slight modification in total caloric intake may be necessary for optimum results, but it's important to adhere tightly to the protein, carbohydrate and fat ratio this calculation provides.

What Body Type Are You?

Typically thin, slight build, with narrow shoulders and hips. Thin rib cage. Small joints. Takes work to gain weight. Usually a younger appearance than actual age.

Broad shouldered, stocky and muscular. Medium to large joints. Even body fat distribution. Strong hips and thick ribcage. Gains and loses weight quickly. Can build muscle rather quickly. Usually early puberty with more mature appearance than normal.

Typically high level of body fat. Little muscular definition. Gains body fat easily and typically gains muscle easily. Wide hips in proportion to shoulder width. Relatively thick ribcage. Lower muscular development in comparison to overall bod weight.

What is Your Activity Level?

Your activity level is determined by your typical daily activity outside of training.

Slightly Active
Desk job or any job expending little physical energy. Student. Typical office worker.

Moderately Active
Works a job with moderate levels of physical activity such as warehouse position, fork lift operator, jobs where you are mostly on your feet and moving around.

Very Active
Very labor intensive job such as construction worker, landscaping, etc.

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Structure Your Calories

Structure Your Calories

You know how many calories you need or want daily based on your metabolism, but do you know how to structure these calories to optimize muscle growth according to your body type and activity level outside of training while reducing body fat? Here is a unique ratio calculator that will take your daily calorie consumption and break it down into optimum ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

How it works

Enter your daily caloric intake, select your body type and activity level and you will be provided with a recommended nutritional breakdown of daily protein, carbohydrates and fat. Use this nutritional strategy to maximize muscle growth without adding additional body fat.

This precision formula is based on over 20 years of scientific research and is the most effective nutritional approach for adding maximum muscle while minimizing fat.

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