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The most frustrating aspect of weight training is busting your butt in the gym hour after hour, month after month, and year after year with little or no results to show for it. Another very frustrating thing is all the conflicting information about how to train. High reps, low reps, light weight, heavy weight, supersets, train this way, train that way. It's never ending. The availability of training information is endless, but the problem is, it's almost always wrong!

Max-OT is a wake-up call to building muscle. Max-OT is built upon the very physiological science behind muscle growth. It takes this science and combines it with the bio-mechanical functions of the human body to generate muscle growth faster and more efficiently than any other training program ever designed.

Max-OT dispels the myths and misinformation. No more wasted workouts. No more marathon training sessions. Just pure efficiency, rapid strength increases, and fast muscle growth.


Get results fast

The Max-OT Training Course is a 12 week, step by step course that teaches you the techniques of building muscle growth and strength the right way. This course provides you with a clear understanding of how and why muscle grows and structures specific training routines around the fundamentals of muscle growth that produce maximum growth response.

Whether you are a beginner or 15 year expert, Max-OT training will give you the tools to maximize your training results. You get more results from every set. Guaranteed.


What you'll get in The Max-OT Training Course:

  • Training for results
  • Max-OT Basics
  • Maximize Recuperation
  • Optimum Reps for Muscle Growth
  • Optimum Workout Duration
  • Training to Positive Failure
  • Maximizing Intensity
  • Forcing Muscle Growth
  • Max-OT Synergy
  • Overload Verses Fatigue
  • Weight Acclimation Sets
  • Muscle Memory
  • The 6 Month Max-OT Plan of Attack
. . . and much more!

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Building Muscle and The Calorie Myth
A big misconception in adding muscle mass is that you must consume above maintenance level calories to fuel the muscle growth process.

Paul, I've been training hard core with the Max-OT technique for about a year now. I must say I am extremely happy. Ive gained about 27 pounds of pure muscle.
R Angie

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