The more I read the bodybuilding magazines the more confused I get. Not only are the ads confusing, but the magazine’s articles are even worse. What is the best way to learn about training and supplementation? All I’m trying to do is add muscle and get lean the fastest way I can.
By Paul Delia
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One of the biggest contributors to this confusion is trying to piece together bits of information from many different sources. Especially when the majority of this information is jaded with hidden agendas.

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Another weight loss supplement scam – Acai Berry.
By Paul Delia
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The biggest scams in the supplement world no doubt center around weight loss. Let’s face it, when it come to losing weight and looking better just about everyone is a sucker – easy prey.

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Study confirms supplement scam we warned you about
By Paul Delia
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Time and time again we have pointed out the numerous supplement scams that are out in the marketplace. And believe me, we only scratch the surface. There are far more worthless supplements out there than we have time or energy to spend on.

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